Campus Marketing for The Next Generation of Brands

Next Generation of Brands

Whether you’re a start-up, rebranding or launching a new product line – Jossle can help you build your brand amongst college students. Effective marketing for the college market, We do that.

Market with Students

We offer a monthly membership which comes with a network of student leaders. Count on them to create word of mouth. Count on them to build your brand. Count on us to get the job done.

A Secret Weapon

We provide you with a Promotion Assistant – your very own personal assistant for all your college marketing needs. Our assistants will take care of your college marketing, while you focus on managing your company for success.


Simply pay-as-you-go each month. No long-term commitments required.


Managing student ambassadors and other college outreach programs can be tiring. Use your energy managing your brand and let us take care of your college marketing endeavors.


Your very own personal marketing teams, on campus. Your Promotion Assistant ensures promotions run smoothly.

Are you ready to supercharge your brand?


What do you need?

Campus Engagement

Jossle can assist you nationwide. Our campus promotions and events are unique, engaging and thought-provoking to spark conversations that take action.


Market research to to make the most effective decisions possible. Our students can get the job done right.

Product Distribution

Put your brand in the hands of your consumer. Establish or reinforce your brand among the college demographic in the most hands-on way available.

Personal Assistant

Outsource all of your college marketing needs to your personal Promotion Assistant. They will not only handle all of your college marketing tasks and promotions, but also provide guidance in building your brand.



  • Starting at $500/mo
  • Jossle promotions leverage students who love your brand and want to spearhead it’s adoption. Students will blanket the campus with your brand’s marketing collateral, target campus organizations, work alongside their campus publications, host events and even distribute product samples. Promotion Assistant included.





  • Starting at $380/mo
  • Market Research you say? If you’re looking to gain insights on the college student demographic, we’ve got you covered. Our trained students on the ground are able to reveal their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes on just about anything. Whether it’s a focus group or an individual consumer interview – we have and continue to bring you the latest insights. Promotion Assistant included to manage your promotion with us.


Promotion Assistant

  • $200/mo
  • Dedicated assistant for your brand, from ours. Jossle is the secret weapon of up-and-coming brands. Not just in college marketing, but holistically. We give you more time to focus on the big picture by taking care of the little details. Stuff like identifying key events to attend in your region, helpful insight as you build your brand to cater to the college student and connecting you with members in our Member Network. As a Team Jossle member, you get your very own Promotion Assistant (PA) who works remotely as your right hand and left brain. You delegate a task and your PA is on it.

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