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The Jossle network is full of some of the most engaged and authoritative students in the nation. Our students have the reach and guidance to connect with their peers faster and more effectively than any other alternative.

Your Marketing Exec

Team Jossle is an extended part of your core team. When you outsource your youth outreach programs to us you gain not only our expertise and resources, but also the insight of our For Students, By Students Council.

Nationwide Presence

More than 100,000 students and counting. Our network boasts campuses large and small, with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. Perfect for that growth you're planning on.

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Find out for yourself and begin using Team Jossle for your own growth needs.


Custom Promotions

You're priorities are our priorities. We have a range of projects we have done in the past, so we are well equipped to handle any and all tasks that targeting college students will fulfill!

We Understand Students

Recruitment? Hire the best. Management? The guidance, support and leadership necessary to execute. Adoption? The positioning and execution to make it happen.

We Understand Brands

We Learn, We Listen. We co-create alongside your team to connect with students in proven, practical ways.

See what we're capable of

If it concerns campus or college students - handle it with Jossle


We can not only staff your event but our influencers can also set it up on campus themselves.

Product Distribution

There's no better brand experience than product usage. Hire a go-getter student to target peers for brand adoption by distributing products or samples on campus. Similarly, we can position your product or service on campus, such as the big back-to-school party.

Consumer Interviews

Need insight straight from the student's mouth? Use Jossle to orchestrate consumer interviews anywhere in the country.

Diverse Talents

Our student network has the capability of executing a wide range of tasks

  • Student Ambassador
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Writing
  • Staffing
  • Photography
  • Research
  • And many more!

Student Promotions

Surprise yourself with what you'll soon accomplish using Jossle

Hire and Manage for
all your activities

Managing student promotions can be exhausting. Jossle takes the stress out of the process. Our internal platform streamlines messaging, digital delivery and payment for all of your projects. No need to search through past email exchanges or look up various contacts. With Jossle, everything you need to manage your projects effectively is all in one place.


Connect with students
anywhere in the nation

Don't waste time reaching out to local sources and connections. We've embraced the hassle of finding college students so that you don't have to. And guess what? College students love us. We're a brand of their own.

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Students with large followings and respect from their peers

Easy Management

Oversee all your promotion activities from one portal

Diverse Talents

Our student go-getters have what it takes to complete a wide array of projects


Jossle has the expertise to help your brand reach growth goals

Quick Support

Team Jossle is here to assist you with any and all inquiries

Nationwide Reach

More than 100,000 students and counting

Set yourself up for success

No matter what the project, if it involves college campuses or college students - then Jossle is for you. But there's only one true way to know Jossle is the right choice for you. Reach out and speak with us.

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