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Traditional advertising doesn’t work for college students. A new generation of consumers is on the line. Effective marketing for the college market, We do that.

Market with Students

Jossle membership comes with a network of student leaders. Count on them to create word of mouth. Count on them to build your brand. Count on us to get the job done.

Sell. Adopt. Convert.

Jossle students pride themselves on their ability to hustle and produce results (otherwise known as Jossling). At the end of the day, marketing campaigns are meant to produce results. Jossle can help you do that.


We listen to you and your needs. You can bet that we do what we say we will.


Your very own personal marketing teams, on campus. Our student leaders ensure campaigns run smoothly. So no typical street team inefficiencies happen here. 


We provide you with very own personal assistant for all your college marketing needs. Our assistants ensure you have the attention you require on a daily basis to grow your brand.

Don’t market to college students, market with them.


What do you need?

Campus Engagement

Jossle can assist you nationwide. Our campus promotions are unique, engaging and thought-provoking to spark conversations that take action.

Campus Events

You want results? Game on. Our students can host events on their very own campus.

Product Distribution

Put your brand in the hands of your consumer. Establish or reinforce your brand among the college demographic in the most hands-on way available.

Personal Assistant

Outsource all of your college marketing needs to your personal Promotion Assistant. They will not only handle all of your college marketing tasks and promotions, but also provide guidance in building your brand.

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Team Jossle is a platform for brands with a range of tools to reach college students.

Membership gives you access to our students in cities around the world.

Are you a College Student?

Ditch your old hustle

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No matter what you do or how you do it. Jossle has a range of innovative products and services to help your business prosper. We offer business solutions to help you save money, save time, increase profits, attract new customers, increase loyalty, and simplify your marketing operations.

Plus, we have the most dedicated representatives in the business to help you navigate the complexities of reaching college students, acquiring new customers and more. We put your best interests at heart.

Jossle has allowed college students to not only dictate how they want a product/service to be advertised to them, but to also actively participate in the marketing of these brands themselves; a win-win situation for everyone. Jossle empowers college students to become leaders of their school through building your brand on their campus. Jossle provides you with access to millions of college students using their very own innovative and creative methods to build your brand.

Jossle is for college students by college students, and we understand that the best way to target college students is to assist them target to themselves.

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